Repaq Cellulose 
Food compatible 
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Our film packaging is completely composted to CO2 and H2O within 42 days.

Repaq cellulose is the only plastic free printed film packaging throughout Europe which is verifiably 100% biodegradable. The raw material is residual timber from the FSC certified forestry. Only fast-growing GMO-free (genetic modification-free) plants are used.

Repaq cellulose is certified by the German TÜV and compostable in both home and garden. Right now this is the highest environmental standard for film packaging worldwide. Repaq composts completely  pollution-free and is harmless for the environment, humans and animals.

OUR Motivation

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Repaq is part of a biological cycle. Within this cycle there is no waste but recyclable material which doesn't get lost during the process of composting. Microorganisms, fungi, insects and mollusks decompose the material to water and carbon dioxide on shore and in the ocean.


Repaq cellulose  consists to 99% of renewable and natural resources – 90% cellulose, 5% glycerin and 4% water. The cellulose is obtained from residual timber from forestry. Glycerin consists of oils and lipids and is a component of every living cell.


Repaq was tested for compostability and environmental compatibility by the Frauenhofer Institut. The TÜV certificate “compostable in home and garden” validates the outstanding results.

All Repaq packaging are suitable for direct contact with food and fulfill the requirements of European and North American legislation.

Repaq protects products against migration of mineral oil (MOSH, MOAH) for more than 70 months. Checked and confirmed by the Health Department of the Swiss Canton Zurich.

The pulp for Repaq cellulose comes, without exception, from FSC- and PEFC-free forestry.